A New Sting for the Zika Outbreak

Interesting news item today on the Zika outbreak in South America. Increasingly, it is looking like it is not the virus that is causing the microcephaly in infants. Rather, it is the pesticide that Brazil has been putting into water tanks since 2014 to kill the mosquito larvae. This pesticide is manufactured by a Japanese company which is part of our own Monsanto and the political spin doctoring is already kicking into gear to deny the culpability of the big corporation.

What is interesting is that Columbia has also been suffering from the Zika virus, yet has had no reported cases of microcephaly. And Columbia does not use the pesticide from Monsanto. This is one of the reasons that we have to learn to limit the influence of major corporations in our own government. It is policy with these corporations to develop executives into lobbyists and to move them into positions of power in the US government, so that they can protect the corporation from the outside.

Similarly, the corporations make large donations to political campaigns in order to curry favor with candidates. In the case of Monsanto, two former executives come to mind, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Michael Taylor, Deputy Commissioner of Foods for the FDA. Additionally, former lobbyist for Monsanto Jerry Crawford, was brought in by Hillary Clinton to manage her presidential campaign in 2015. He has also raised over $150,000 for Hillary’s war chest. Surprisingly enough, Hillary has long been a supporter of Monsanto and has openly advocated for GMOs, Monsanto’s chief product.


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