Branding Bernie Points To Limitations of Republican Thought

Lately, the Republicans and, to some extent, the Clinton camp, have taken great pains to opine negatively about Bernie Sanders and his brand of Democratic Socialism.  Their rather ham-handed approach is to call him a Socialist but paint him as a Communist.

One problem that the right, in particular, seems to have with this issue is that they believe that a political system is an all or nothing choice. That “either / or,” “black / white” mentality is something philosophically that dominates the thought process of the western world. We have many socialist programs in this country on which we depend, social security, medicare, public schools, and the interstate highway system to name just four of them.

The idea that the government’s task is to implement policies that benefit all of us at a fair cost to all of us, is the core of Democratic Socialism. That is a very different state from Communism, where the state owns and apportions out everything. Shall we abandon our socialist programs entirely, absolve corporate America from any shred of obligation to paying their share and elect a leadership whose sole function is to find ways to legalize the rape of our economy by the wealthiest class? If so, go on and vote for a Republican, either a fascist (Trump) or an Evangelical imbecile (Cruz). I do not envy your choice.



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