Could This Be the Smoking Gun?

As always, we have to consider the source on this one. This news item hails from Fox News and we know that their conservative position places them in continual opposition to Hillary Clinton.

But, if this report is true, it may be “a,” if not “the” smoking gun. It is being reported that in the last batch of released emails is one referencing Ambassador Chris Stevens and his desire to get himself and his people out of Libya, many months before he was killed.

During the Benghazi Hearings, Secretary Clinton was asked why there was no record of her response to Stevens’ requests for help. This indicates that the State Department new well in advance that everything in Libya was going south and that the State Department failed to take appropriate action to protect or evacuate the embassy. Reasonable and responsible people would have seen the attack on the consulate as a distinct possibility amid all of the unrest and chaos in Libya. Four Americans died there, either for lack of support on the ground or for not having been evacuated when the gettin’ was good, and Hillary is prepared to move on, her conscience apparently clear.


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