Disabusing the Disinformants

The disinformation crowd is at it again, spreading a lot of nonsense about Bernie Sanders’ health plan for America.  Gotta look a little deeper folks. Bernie Sanders’ plan has been published, complete with the scale of tax increases.

Remember, there is a huge difference from the ACA, which started its life as a single payer system concept, but was changed due to pressure in the House and Senate to preserve the Health Insurance companies. So, the ACA really became a subsidized health insurance platform which did not prohibit the insurance companies from raising rates (or deductibles and out of pocket costs). Now, everyone is obligated to pay for insurance and the costs continue to rise.

Based on the numbers released by Bernie Sanders’ camp, the smallest tax increase will be on families earning 200,000 dollars or less, two percent. Two percent of 200,000 is $4000 in tax increases, but you would no longer pay for private health insurance at all.  In my case, I have a wife and two kids and our combined health insurance premiums for a basic HMO come to just over $12,000 a year. So, my family would be looking at an $8000 savings.

Here is one thing I’d hope you all take careful note of and it is a little language related gimmick that often goes unnoticed. The Republicans and Hilary Clinton continue to say that what we all need is affordable health insurance. Only Bernie Sanders says that we need affordable health CARE. When you are sick or injured and need to go to a doctor, you need health care, not the card in your wallet. If health CARE was affordable, you would not need health INSURANCE. When I was younger, we all had catastrophic health insurance and paid doctors out of pocket. It was manageable. Today, due to the political clout of the health insurance and big pharma companies, costs have skyrocketed, allowing for such whopping profits, that those same companies can afford top shelf lobbyists to keep the ball rolling. Isn’t it time that WE stood up to these thieves and ran them out of town and out of government?



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