How Are We Gonna Pay For This?

There are so many arguments from the right and the Clintonistas that Bernie Sanders’ plan is too expensive to implement and I have to say this about Bernie, he could be doing a better job of explaining it.

But consider this; right now, between the tax havens of the top 10% of our country and the off-shore accounts of major corporations, which allow them to pay zero in taxes, tens and possibly hundreds of billions of dollars are kept out of the pool of tax dollars. On the other end of the spectrum, some 10% of our country’s workforce is unemployed and maybe 20% are working part-time or for minimum wage or both. Every time we put someone back to work, expand their hours and raise their minimum wage, those folks contribute not just to their own families, but to the country in terms of tax dollars withheld.

It moves money from the rich and big corporations back through the system and skims some off for taxes for the programs which could benefit all of us. Combine this with a raise in income tax on the top earners in the country, closing certain loopholes on the taxing of dividend income, and making corporations pay their taxes instead of hiding in the Cayman Islands, and there would be more than enough in the tax coffers to make a single payer system work.


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