I’m Okay, You Have a Screw Loose

It is fashionable these days to try to be accepting of the views of others, even when they are stark raving mad. Ever since “I’m Okay, You’re Okay” was published, our society has taken the position that one person’s reality is just as good, just as valid as another’s.

Enough is enough. I’m okay, you have a screw loose. When are rational people going to wake up and realize that we are not doing the lunatic fringe of this country any good by coddling their dimwitted brand of absolute horse crap? In a socio-evolutionary sense, our society is collapsing into the relative dark ages compared to where we were in the mid-1960’s. Perhaps, if we could create some sort of safe haven for these nut-cases (we’ll call it Texas) and build a friggin’ wall around the place to keep the loonies in (quick, call Donald Trump – I’ve got a job for him), the rest of us could stop the incessant face-palming. Short of that, it is time to take to the streets, with large nets and heavy sticks.



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