Just Whom is Hillary Running Against?

It dawned on me earlier today that we, the voters, know something that Hillary Clinton appears not to know. She is not running against Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton is actually running against herself. Increasingly, her campaign has been about putting out fires related to her past actions as Secretary of State.

The other day, she stated that she was looking into making some “shake-ups” among her campaign staff. In a related news item, members of her staff reported their unease with having to answer to the allegations surrounding her (not my zoo, not my monkeys).

In yet another “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” article, we see again that there are reasons to call into questions the ethics, agenda and honesty of the Clintons, both Hillary and Bill. It really is no wonder then, that the majority of polled Americans first impression of Hillary is that she is dishonest. This has become an ongoing battle for her, to try to convince the nation otherwise. To some degree, she has just stopped trying and simply laughs the allegations off.

That isn’t going to play well in Poughkeepsie. Imagine the field day the Republican Super-Pacs are going to have attacking her (instead of each other). At this point, unless something miraculous happens to change the nation’s opinion of her, I do not see Hillary becoming President.



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