Learning From History 101

As the saying goes, “Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” When Hitler rose to power in Germany, he seized upon the anger and frustration of a nation in tremendous economic upheaval (their Great Depression, even worse than ours), and said, essentially, “We are going to make Germany great again. We are going to rebuild this nation and elevate everyone out of their misery. And we realize that we have enemies in the form of foreigners (Trump’s Mexicans) and a religious minority who control the banks (Hitler’s Jews, Trump’s Muslims as terrorists against the homeland / fatherland). And everyone who does not join us or agree with us is part of the problem.”

How has Trump’s rhetoric been any different? And his supporters, like Hitler’s, join his cause because they feel powerless without him and fear that if they do not become part of his “club,” they will suffer the same fate as the other parts of the “problem.” For the past 30 odd years, the Republican party has been wooing the religious right as their “soldiers of democracy,” and has indoctrinated them with fear of the outside world and of internal governmental policies that would strip them of their cherished religious identity. I’m sure they never planned on Trump, but they certainly have sown the seeds of his rise.


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