Republican Response to Obama’s Executive Order

I’m becoming increasingly bored with the Republicans (I’m an ex-Republican) and their bat-shit crazy proclamations. If they had bothered to check out what the proposed legislation intends, they’d find that it calls for background checks for on-line purchases and at gun shows and more funding for law enforcement and for mental health care providers. If you are an honest, law-abiding citizen with no history of mental health problems, you will still ace the background check and get your coveted piece. If you side with law enforcement, you should be glad that they are getting additional funding to fight the bad guys.

If we have an increased ability to monitor the truly stone crazy people running around out there, we might just keep some ordinance out of their hands. What the hell can possibly be wrong with any of this? Nowhere in the legislation does it call for people to turn in their guns or to stop selling them. It may mean that to sell them you’ll have to go through an intermediary which could perform the background check, but then I’m sure you would never want to sell your gun to someone who might turn around and use it on your own family.

Can we, just for one bleepin’ minute, stop being led around by the nose by people who want to take our attention away from real issues in this country? Issues like why the rich keep getting richer while the rest of us slowly starve? Issues like why big-oil, big-pharmaceuticals and big-media hand pick the candidates for office and give the rest of us a vote that isn’t worth anything because we have no real choice or say in the matter? Issues like how Walmart has come to be the nation’s #1 employer and not GM.

The Republican party has carefully studied the role of reality TV in our lives and has figured out that half the blasted populace can be conned into believing candidates whose sole qualifications for the job are that they starred in a TV show or believe that the earth is only 6000 years old. And you want these sons-of-bitches to have their hands on our nuclear arsenal? Get real, get an education, pay attention to what is going on (with your own eyes and ears) and grow the hell up. This is pathetic.


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