Missing the Boat on Hillary

This puff piece on Hillary fails to really address the concerns that most Americans have with her. The author selects a small handful of instances where it is possible that Hillary has been misunderstood by the media, by the Republicans, and now by the supporters of Bernie Sanders. The real issue though, is one of perception.

In this day and age, perception truly is reality. What you believe, supported by the sources you choose to read, listen to or view in the media (as inaccurate or biased as they may be, and for whatever reasons they may be so), is just as real as what the other guy believes, with his own sources. And the perception of Hillary is that she is crooked, manipulative, fundamentally dishonest, and not above causing the destruction of other people to further her agenda.

The political life she has carved out with her husband has been one scandal after another. From the Arkansas governorship and the silencing of the women with whom Bill had his affairs (or just sexually assaulted), to Whitewater, the drug dealings of Bill’s reprobate brother (aided and abetted by the Arkansas attorney general’s office) and then on to Washington and Travelgate, Filegate, Vince Foster’s mysterious demise (remember that they found Hillary in Foster’s apartment, rifling his files?), Monica Lewinsky, the definition of “is,” the impeachment process, the looting of the White House when they left, and then her turn as Secretary of State and all that we are now learning about her failures in Benghazi, the sale of fissile Uranium to the Russians in return for large donations to the Clinton Foundation, the insecure emails and the growing suspicion that the State Department was for sale to the highest bidder.

Along the way, there have been no fewer than 19 suspicious deaths of aides and associates to the Clintons. Add to this, the perception (based on her reported campaign funding) that she is in the pocket of Wall Street, big Pharma, the Media and the Health Insurance industry. In her term in the Senate, she put her name on three bills that managed to pass (Sanders has his name on over 200).

Should she prevail and become the Democratic nominee, the Republicans will try her in the court of public opinion on circumstantial evidence and they will absolutely convict her. Where there’s the perception of smoke, there is certainly the perception of fire. And that will be good enough for the majority of voters.

Time and again, her own words, her own responses to direct questions on important matters, are her undoing. When asked (in a Senate sub-committee hearing) whether or not it was terrorists or an unruly mob who attacked Benghazi, she flippantly answered, “What does it matter?” When asked if she would release the transcriptions of her speeches to Goldman-Sachs, she just laughed. There are countless videos of Hillary openly lying in response to direct questions about her actions, lies that are borne out later under investigation. There is no “case for Hillary Clinton.” Americans have been fooled one time too many and are now greasing up the pole on which she will be ridden out of town.



The DNC is Determined to Play Right Into Trump’s Hand

By early this morning, the Iowa Democratic Committee had  announced that they had already lost the vote tallies for 90 precincts. Once again, scandal and the name Clinton go hand in hand.

You know, as much of a clown as he is, Trump has managed to get two things right on the money. First, he has enough of a finger on the pulse of our country to know that the rabble (that’s us) has finally had it with establishment politics in Washington. Secondly, when he announced his candidacy, he said he wanted to run against Hilary because she would be easier to beat.

The truth is that the Republicans will wage an ad war that amounts to at least a trial on circumstantial evidence. From White Water and the corruption of the Arkansas governor’s office, to covering up and hushing Bill’s transgressions, Monica Lewinsky, Vince Foster, her botched attempt at health care reform as first lady, Benghazi, the emails and what looks like a State Department run like a yard sale, she is a huge target which the Republicans will use to hammer home the facts that no one likes her or trusts her. The strange thing too, is that Americans will vote for a nut-job (Trump) preferentially to someone they don’t trust.



This is Going to Get Ugly

We all need to acknowledge that in this hyper-charged political climate, much of what we are seeing and hearing in the media, whether it be in print, on television or certainly on the internet, is simply not true. And it is very difficult at times to ascertain where the lies are and how densely they have been woven into a tapestry of half-truths. That being said, if the allegations in the article below are true, Hillary is done. The story of the Benghazi hearings and her “damn emails,” “has legs” and won’t go away. I watched the Benghazi hearings live and she flat out lied about what she knew and what she had done. Each successive release of information from her emails bears that out. At this point, they have found over thirteen hundred emails which contained classified information sent over an insecure server and seven which were labeled as top secret. Beyond that, a fax was sent which was labeled “top secret,” and then the label was removed in order to send the fax over an insecure line. That, as they say, is a federal offense. But, more damning are the continuing peccadilloes of her husband. If it is true that he has maintained a friendship with a convicted billionaire pedophile since the early 2000s and has visited said billionaire’s private island repeatedly for trysts with underage girls, the vileness of his actions will keep Hillary out of the White House. Bernie may elect to tip-toe around the issue, but you can bet that Trump and Ann Coulter will not. This is going to get ugly.