Teddy Roosevelt had it Right

I have long believed there is a very good reason that Teddy Roosevelt is the most recent president to appear on Mount Rushmore. He may be the last truly great president we have had (for so many reasons, chief among them the protection of the environment). I also believe that in this instance he is absolutely right. Notice that he does not say that we need to be all of one faith. Faith is a private matter; being American is a shared philosophy. The former is aimed at the afterlife, the latter, the here and now. I think about the current refugee situation and realize that many if not most of the people coming to our country do not wish to stay; they are escaping a war for the protection of their families with the intent of one day going home. In that case, we should treat them as guests with all that American hospitality has to offer. But for those who would choose to stay and live here permanently among us, this, not their religious persuasion, should be the litmus test. In every prior wave of immigration to this country, it has been that desire to become American that has revitalized our nation with new blood, new ideas, and a renewed commitment to freedom and all that it represents and demands of us. What are your thoughts on this?

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