“The Cause is Right and the Time is Now”

We can go back and forth indefinitely as we try to decide who should be the next President of the United States and we are each entitled to our opinions and our favorites. In the end, Bernie Sanders may or may not become the next President. We may or we may not need Bernie Sanders, the person. But undoubtedly, we need what Bernie Sanders stands for and has stood for and acted upon his entire life. Our politics ARE a reflection of our humanity and sadly, in the last thirty some years those politics have been anything but humane (from either party). If not now, when? As Nina Turner says in the clip below, “the cause is right and the time is now.” Those of us who lived through the tail end of the 1960’s and saw the promise for America that was embodied by Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. know too well of the opportunity that was missed.



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