The DNC is Determined to Play Right Into Trump’s Hand

By early this morning, the Iowa Democratic Committee had  announced that they had already lost the vote tallies for 90 precincts. Once again, scandal and the name Clinton go hand in hand.

You know, as much of a clown as he is, Trump has managed to get two things right on the money. First, he has enough of a finger on the pulse of our country to know that the rabble (that’s us) has finally had it with establishment politics in Washington. Secondly, when he announced his candidacy, he said he wanted to run against Hilary because she would be easier to beat.

The truth is that the Republicans will wage an ad war that amounts to at least a trial on circumstantial evidence. From White Water and the corruption of the Arkansas governor’s office, to covering up and hushing Bill’s transgressions, Monica Lewinsky, Vince Foster, her botched attempt at health care reform as first lady, Benghazi, the emails and what looks like a State Department run like a yard sale, she is a huge target which the Republicans will use to hammer home the facts that no one likes her or trusts her. The strange thing too, is that Americans will vote for a nut-job (Trump) preferentially to someone they don’t trust.


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