The State Department / Clinton Foundation Link

Another day, another few million dollars. This has become just shy of ludicrous. Even if reality is somehow different from the appearance, the appearance is that the State Department under Hillary Clinton was for sale to the highest bidder. And it is because of those appearances that when polled, the first thing that comes to the mind of the majority of respondents on “Hillary Clinton,” is “Dishonest.” Stack “Dishonest” against “Blowhard” (Trump), “Weasel” (Cruz), “Naive” (Rubio), or “Plodding” (Bush) and “Dishonest” loses the election every time (those appellations are my own first take on the Republican candidates). And don’t be fooled by “contributions to a charitable foundation.” Bill, Hillary and Chelsea are officers and employees of that foundation and draw a paycheck from it. Couple “graft” with a sense of “entitlement,” stir in some hypocrisy, filter out any shame and you have the Clintons.


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