This is Going to Get Ugly

We all need to acknowledge that in this hyper-charged political climate, much of what we are seeing and hearing in the media, whether it be in print, on television or certainly on the internet, is simply not true. And it is very difficult at times to ascertain where the lies are and how densely they have been woven into a tapestry of half-truths. That being said, if the allegations in the article below are true, Hillary is done. The story of the Benghazi hearings and her “damn emails,” “has legs” and won’t go away. I watched the Benghazi hearings live and she flat out lied about what she knew and what she had done. Each successive release of information from her emails bears that out. At this point, they have found over thirteen hundred emails which contained classified information sent over an insecure server and seven which were labeled as top secret. Beyond that, a fax was sent which was labeled “top secret,” and then the label was removed in order to send the fax over an insecure line. That, as they say, is a federal offense. But, more damning are the continuing peccadilloes of her husband. If it is true that he has maintained a friendship with a convicted billionaire pedophile since the early 2000s and has visited said billionaire’s private island repeatedly for trysts with underage girls, the vileness of his actions will keep Hillary out of the White House. Bernie may elect to tip-toe around the issue, but you can bet that Trump and Ann Coulter will not. This is going to get ugly.


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