Time to Ring Some Changes

Okay, I’ll say it; organized religion has got to go. Can’t we just get past all of it? You’ve had two thousand years to produce some evidence. You haven’t.

Now personally, I don’t give a hoot what you choose to believe. If you wish to profess your faith, go for it. But religion is fundamentally different from faith. Faith is what you believe. Religion is the organizing institutional principle that gathers up folks who share a common belief and then instructs them on what to do with that belief.

On what basis of evidence should we believe our religious leaders or institutions?   If the government tells us that GMOs are safe, should we just accept it or should we say, “Whoa there brother, where is your proof?” Religion tells us that the world was created in six days, because “God said so.” Why is the latter to be held sacred and the former not? At least, with the former, we have the right to question its authority. Ted Cruz and his ilk would have the latter as law and base all government on unprovable conjecture. If that is not dangerous, I don’t know what is.

When it comes to different religions, I don’t distinguish between them. Christianity, Islam, or the Cargo Cult, it is all the same to me. It is mythology. It is a collection of great old stories, but nothing more and no basis for governing a nation.

These days, a lot of mud is being slung against Islam here in the United States, and the actions of ISIS make Islam an easy target.  That being said, I believe it is incumbent on all of us to be critical of our own institutions (religious, governmental, corporate, etc.), from the inside. We all have to take a look at ourselves and our own belief systems, see where the flaws are and where those flaws allow us to be buffaloed into acting in support of the insupportable. Ultimately, Islam will need to police Islam and Christianity needs to police Christianity. If it comes to erecting borders between us, well, that is one price we pay for allowing ages old myths to parade as reality.



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