Waist Deep in the Big Muddy?

Hillary has stepped into it this time, waist deep. This story is not going to be laughed off. Bernie is absolutely right in attacking Wall Street for its predatory practices. The bastards there destroyed our economy and stole our future and our children’s future, all with the help of their cronies in Washington. Chief among them, of course, are the Clintons.

Realize that if this had been the 1600’s, they would have gone to the block. Even today, there are many countries in the world who would have had thieves like these summarily executed. Today, in America, the best we could do is to send them to a low security prison. But, with the help of their allies in Washington, not even one of them went to trial, let alone served time. The middle and working classes of this country may finally be prepared to take our country, our economy and our government back from the filthy rich, hopefully at the polling station but, if need be, at the barrel of a gun. Pissing off American working people is never a good idea and people like the Clintons will never understand that.



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