Who Is John Q. Public?

In many of the articles contained herein, John Q. Public will be asking you to consider that some of our revered institutions may have agendas that are kept hidden because they work directly against our own best interests.  It seems fair then, that John Q. Public’s own agenda should come into question.

Of course, my name is not John Q. Public.  I have elected to publish under that name for a number of reasons.  One is that I hope to give voice to concerns that all of us share about our world and our growing inability to interact meaningfully with it.  I also have another career which might be adversely affected if I anger the wrong people (and I may anger some people here).  Also, I may from time to time ask for the contribution from other writers and thinkers and would prefer to protect their own privacy as well.  That being said, I can give you something of a picture of who I am, my background and life experience, and from that you might draw your own conclusions.

I am a young man trapped in a middle aged white man’s body.  I find that I am interested in just about everything, love to learn, and consider it a blessing that I should continue to learn new things throughout my life.  I am a husband and father.  I own my own business and have been self-employed for most of my working life.  I went to college on an academic scholarship and hold a master’s degree.  I have been a teacher at almost every level from elementary school through college.

My social consciousness began in the late 1960‘s.  I grew up in a state that was predominantly Republican and have always identified myself politically as such.  But, it was a moderate Republican state and I have never been one to lean toward the ultra conservative wing of the party.  In recent elections, and in an effort to stay a moderate course, I have split my ticket between Republican, Democrat and Independent candidates.  I do make a point of getting out to vote, though I am often deeply saddened by the choice of candidates and the inability of the voter to opt for “none of the above.”

Today, in 2015, I should also make it clear that I have chosen to leave the Republican party (or perhaps, they have left me), and have found that my own conscience dictates that I cast my support behind Bernie Sanders for President.  That will surely color many of my political postings.  I hope that I am right.  I believe that he is right and that a political revolution is long overdue.

I believe that if there is a “truth to be found,” no one among us has an exclusive hold on it.  Rather, the truth is something shared by the combination of all of us.  We are all chips in the same super-computer of knowledge.  Humanity has spread across the globe and reaches now into outer space.  We are each journalists on the front line of our own conflicts, and our reports back to the societal pressroom, if we are honest in regards to our own agendas, are what shape humanity’s concept of truth. 

I am learning even as I write this sentence.  My hope is that the articles on this site and your responses to them, will keep me learning for years to come.